Deep Learning- A brief Introduction

Deep Learning

Ever wondered how YouTube is able to give us relevant recommendations based on our taste in videos or how self-driving cars operate? All of this is possible because of Deep Learning. Deep learning is a machine learning approach that teaches the machines to learn by examples and experience. It is a technique where machines acquire … Read more

Data Cleaning in a Nutshell

Data Cleaning in nutshell

“Better data beats fancier algorithms.” Garbage in, garbage out is the motto that needs to be followed to build an accurate machine learning model. If the data under analysis is not accurate, then it is not useful. Irrespective of how accurate your model is, without data cleaning, it will deliver biased and inaccurate results. Thus, … Read more

Machine Learning- let us get started!

Get Started with Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most popular domain the new age application development programmers and companies are encashing on—just another field of computer science, which leverages on the applied practice of mathematics as well as statistics. Why this created the buzz? Because it reduced the intensive logic implementations for processing the massive quantity of … Read more