Learners Style of learning!

I have been into academic teaching and corporate training since 2009, and have been delivering technology sessions to Engineering students as well as Information Technology enthusiasts.

One of the greatest realizations that I had experienced during my sessions is that for an effective content delivery it first is required to understand the learners need and learning style.

Generally, the needs can be initially guessed based on the objectives of the course/training, but for learning styles, the guesswork will not contribute, so it is really necessary to do a pre-survey with the intended audience.

This pre-survey always helped me to understand how the group is comprised off based on: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing and Kinesthetic.

This pre-survey is a great tool for planning content delivery with required demonstrations, reading materials and practices for participants. And the effectiveness that I received with this approach is far better than the guesswork that I did in my initial years of teaching/training.

Would love to hear your say on this?

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